My World Is Filled With Color

My world is filled with color, both literally and figuratively.



It is Spring here in Kenya, so everywhere I look bright and vibrant colors meet my eyes. I see every shade of green daily. This time of year is filled with purple flowering trees that blanket the ground with their beautiful blossoms. There are also varying shades of orange and red to be seen in the blooming flowers and bushes. Each morning as I walk to school. I try to take it all in. I don’t think I will every grow tired of the beauty that I see everyday.


My students also add color to my life. Their young energetic, and creative personalities make life fun and entertaining. Every week I walk into the classroom and see their art work displayed on the walls. My fourth and fifth graders have also been slowly adding maps of the countries we’ve been studying to our map wall. I am so proud of their hard work and creativity. I am also filled with joy knowing that they have the opportunity to express this creative side of them.




Each of my students’ personalities just adds to the kaleidoscope of color that is my life. Every student has good days and bad days. Some days they walk into the room, and I know immediately what the color the day has been. It’s my job to be consistent and bring them back to their usual selves. In order to do that, I need to know my students well.



MT is a treasure to have in the classroom. If I had to use colors to describe her, I would say she is bright blues, greens, and oranges. She is feisty, competitive, and creative. She has a love for any and all animals. She loves getting her hands dirty in whatever she is learning. She is personality that you love to be around.




Eden is a gem! She has a soft heart and her colors span the rainbow. She is a story teller, bird saver, and question asker. She knows more about baking and cooking than any nine year old I’ve ever met. She is always ready with an encouraging word for me. I am so thankful for this girl!



These are my three youngest students. They range in age from 5-8, but I have all three of them for science and P.E class.

The oldest student is Joshua. He is one of my two German students. His parents have asked me to include him in as many classes as possible to help him with his English. Joshua is a very bright student and he is a fast learner. He is a kind, patient and sweet boy. I’ve never encountered an 8 year old boy so well behaved. Whenever he isn’t in one of my class, I see his running everywhere! He’s like a young Forest Gump. He loves to run.

My other German student is Joana. She is the only girl in her age group, and she is the youngest. Neither of these obstacles have slowed her down. She only attend class three days a week, and I always look forward to those days. She has a feisty, sassy personality. Her mind moves quickly, and she easily makes connections to what we’re learning even though it’s not in her first language. Her body, much like her mind, is always moving. I have never had to remind her to hustle in P.E.

My third student is Ben. He is seven years old and has lived in Kenya his entire life. This kid keeps me on my toes. He is exceptionally bright, and his imagination has no boundaries. He has created a world inside his imagination where anything is possible. He references “Ben World” often during class, and I have to remind him that we’re in school not “Ben World”. As I’m saying this, I’m often thinking “I wish I could go to Ben World.” This world he has created sound much cooler than the four types of verbs I’m trying to teach them. Sometimes I wish I could climb inside his head just to see the world how he sees it.



I hope this has given you a glimpse into my life as an MK teacher in Kenya. I truly  love what I do. My life is filled with ups and downs; joys and challenges, but I wouldn’t change anything about it. My students, their families, and my friends have filled my world with beautiful colors.


Author: grace4kenya

I am a twenty-three-year-old woman who has recently decided to move to Kenya. Yes, as in Kenya Africa. I graduated from college one year ago, and what a year it has been. When I graduated from college I had a plan. I was going to finish student teaching in the fall, and after that I was going to move to North Dakota. I prayed about this plan. I had no doubt that this was what God wanted me to do. As it says in Proverbs 16:9, I decided on a plan, but God determined my steps. God removed all possibility for my plan to continue in October of 2016. I had no choice, but to allow God to guide me. I live one day at a time at first. During this time, God was graciously loving me. I was angry at him. I felt cheated. I felt lost. I felt discouraged. I felt like God had led me down a dead-end road. But God, in all of His goodness, made a path through the wilderness. Each step that I have made since October has led me to Kenya. I will be teaching children of medical missionaries, and I will be volunteering in a Kenyan church. God has gifted me with the skills needed to teach, and he has given me a passion for educating children. I will be using this blog to document my journey. The before, during and after of the journey. I have a fundraising profile link in the link section. I am relying on the generosity of other to make this journey happen. If you feel led to sponsor my trip, follow the link and it will take you to my World Gospel Mission account. I also covet the prayers of all. Prayer is never fruitless, but as I continue I will be posting specific ways people can pray for me. I look forward to bringing you along the journey with me.

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